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Welcome to the Legacy of the Night Fanclub! This Fanclub is for our beloved :icondawnfrost: We are the people that love her Comic, Art, fanworks, and Creator!

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FAQ: About the Comic

Q: What program does Dawn use?
A: Photoshop elements 3.0

Q: How long does it take Dawn to complete a page?
A: Depends on the page but an average of 3 weeks or so

Q: What kind of tablet does Dawn use?
A: Wacom small tablet

Q: Is the comic only about wolves?
A: NO! The wolves that are seen are mostly Elusive's

Q: What is an Elusive? What does it mean?
A: An Elusive is basically a Shapeshifter. The Name was originally "power dogs" then "unknown" and while trying to come up with a name it kept coming back to elusive which means hard to describe.

FAQ: About Contributing

Q: What kind of Art may I contribute?
A: Anything LotN related. Storys, art, ect. Even fan and forum characters.

Q: What characters are all in LotN?
A: All known ref sheets can be found here ->…

FAQ: Fan Club Topics

Q: How do I become a Contributor?
A: By Winning a Current Contest or being a big help and very active member of the club.

Q: What do I get out of being a Contributor?
A: You are able to read, write, and discuss ideas or matters with other contributors and club administers. Can help organize events, list contest entrys, and keep track of games. Lets just say you become a good section of out club government.

Q: How Do I become Member of the month?
A: By Being a big help and very active member of the club

If you have any more questions please do ask so we cant get more up, please and thank you!


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Just go to our profile and click "become a member" and watch us as well! You have every right to be here as well as anyone. No need to ask, just be nice to fellow members.


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