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Welcome to the Legacy of the Night Fanclub! This Fanclub is for our beloved :icondawnfrost: We are the people that love her Comic, Art, fanworks, and Creator!

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Rules - Here


Club Rules

1. Respect All members. A Club is like a team, If we have no respect we have no cooperation, if we have no cooperation, what do we have?

2. Do not steal ANY art featured in the club. Any member that does so will be reported and banned.

3. Please do not spam the Club with questions or random messages. If you have an Idea for the club, please NOTE us. If you have a Question please go to FAQ then read/post there!

4. If a member has done one of the fallowing please NOTE us and do not flame the member. Please just explain what you have came across.


Art Rules

1. Your art only! Please only submit your own and not someonelses, it will be treated as stolen and rejected.

2. Nothing over R. Simple enough, Try and keep it clean, let's leave mating and spewing guts out of it please. plain blood is not a big deal but I honestly don't want to see guts laying on the ground everywhere.


Contest Voting

- Voting Will now be open publicly. All Entry's, in the end, will be placed onto a single sheet, Numbered, and linked.

- Votes Shall be NOTED to the club, If you comment your vote it will not be casted and will be hidden.


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:bulletyellow::bulletblack:How to Join:bulletblack::bulletyellow:

Just go to our profile and click "become a member" and watch us as well! You have every right to be here as well as anyone. No need to ask, just be nice to fellow members.


Layout and Dividers(c)Tsuki-93
Character Dividers & Contest Idea was suggested by DawnFrost
Lineart of Character Dividers (c) blueshinewolf

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