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Submitted on
March 13, 2010


Welcome to the Legacy of the Night Fanclub! This Fanclub is for our beloved :icondawnfrost: We are the people that love her Comic, Art, fanworks, and Creator!

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Contest - Here


Current Contest

none are currently being held


Last Contest

Nightingale Family Photo

:iconaurora-equistar: with (LotN contest entry)

Note: The Current Winners Circle Does not apply to Wolfzila this round. Reason being, that law was just recently made. Wolfzila on the other hand will be invited to contributes. hope you all understand.


Contest Commons

Winners Circle
There will be only one winner per contest for now one, unless spoken otherwise. All Contest Winners will be invited into Contribute status, Able to discuss future contest's and other matters inside the club. The Winner of a contest is also givin a contest choice, We will provide 2 choices but you may use your own if wanted. As Well as the option to make the contest Promo, but it is not required.

A Warning to Contestants: If you win a contest you may not enter the next, this is to reduce winning twice in a row and to give others chances. You are able to enter the one after though. Example: Matt enters and Wins Contest A, He is not able to enter Contest B so Jess Wins Contest B, Matt is now able to enter Contest C but Jess is not. Get it yet?

Winner Requirement for Prizes If there were donated prizes for the contest winner YOU NOTE the DONOR. The donor should not be reminding you of the prize. You can take it or leave it, your choice. Any Donations from the club itself (Contributor status, Contest choice, Promo Maker choice) will be automatically notified to you.

Entry Conditions
ONLY submit your entry to its proper folder! When a contest is started a new folder will appear in our gallery. Also any Entrants Names and entry's will be displayed in the Contest Status on the main profile, top left.


Common Rules

1. New art only! Please give us some new art to show off, and make our club bigger with originality.

2. Nothing over R. Simple enough, Try and keep it clean, let's leave mating and spewing guts out of it please. plain blood is not a big deal but I honestly don't want to see guts laying on the ground everywhere.

3. You can submit up to 2 pieces. Only two please, no need to stuff our gallery's with tons of entry's for the same contest from the same person.

4. Only Characters that are featured In LotN Please no Fan Characters unless told otherwise. This Club was made soulfully for DawnFrost's Legacy of the Night

5. Only Members can enter! its not hard to join the group, so why not? NOTE: since the group is new, every watcher is just a watcher. To enter a contest you need to be a MEMBER as well as a watcher



- Voting Will now be open publicly. All Entry's, in the end, will be placed onto a single sheet, Numbered, and linked.

- Votes Shall be NOTED to the club, If you comment your vote it will not be casted and will be hidden.


Just go to our profile and click "become a member" and watch us as well! You have every right to be here as well as anyone. No need to ask, just be nice to fellow members.


Layout and Dividers(c)Tsuki-93
Character Dividers & Contest Idea was suggested by DawnFrost
Lineart of Character Dividers (c) blueshinewolf
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aw, i didnt win D: eh, too bad :XD: when's the next contest coming up? :D i will definatly join! ^^

and do u know who came in 2nd and 3rd? xD
lol yay :) next one will hopefully be up next Saturday. and if there were it was 11 and 12 (2nd, 3rd)
HeartofIcewind Mar 13, 2010
Oh. I knew I wasn't going to win. I probably shouldn't have put so much hard work and effort into it though ...:/
lol sorry ^^; theres always better luck next time though :)
HeartofIcewind Mar 14, 2010
Yeah.. I just thought it made sense to make her look like Nightingale.. :/ When will the next one be?
lol but #2's design wasn't very far from nightingale's look as well

and It depends when we Receive the information. Though It will probably be up next Saterday :)
there aren't any second or third mentions? 8C

congrats to aurora though <3
no sorry Haunti thats just how it works ^^;
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